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Albert Ménès - Galettes au Caramel

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This small and fine shortbread biscuit is made with caramel and ​​exclusively with natural ingredients. Sugar, cream and fresh butter salted with sea salt from Guérande. Delicious at yea time it is also superb crumble over vanilla ice cream.
The Albert Ménès brand was created in 1986, bringing together truly gifted artisan producers with ancestral know-how. Today, La Maison Albert Ménès is a real "Conservatory" of delicacies from the French provinces, but also from further a field with the outstanding spices. All these delicacies are chosen with fastidious discrimination and amazing knowledge. La Maison Albert Ménès is tireless in its pursuit of interesting, high-quality, delicious artisan foods.

Wheat flour, fresh butter, sugar, Guérande salted caramel cream (sugar, fresh cream, fresh butter, Guérande sea salt), egg yolks, salt, natural vanilla extract.

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