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  1. Fabrice Gillotte - Orangettes

    Oranges are candied and combined with the velvety smooth dark chocolate of Monsieur Gillotte. Superb, bittersweet and refreshing.


  2. Fabrice Gillotte - Les Irrésistibles

    Les Irrésistibles are definitely irresistible! Delicious crunchy chocolate fudge caramel with the smoothness of vanilla and marshmallow crispy chocolate hazelnut. Assorted box of 6 assorted dark chocolate and milk Irrésitibles.


  3. Fabrice Gillotte - Mendiants

    Squares of 72% cocoa dark chocolate from Venezuela covered with caramelized Marcona almonds, Piedmont hazelnuts, raisins and pistachio nuts.


  4. Cudié - Mediterranean Tiles

    A visually stunning collection of 18 chocolates inspired by a subtle blend of modernism and the Mediterranean.


  5. Cudié - Cataniès

    Caramelised almonds coated with nut praline and decorated with powdered cacao.


  6. La Royanette - Milk Chocolate Sardines

    These milk chocolate sardines from La Royanette are made of the highest quality ingredients, but with an added element of fun. A very realistic finish to the tin filled with 6 chocolate sardines.


  7. Cudié - Cataniès Dark Chocolate - 80g

    Caramelised almond coated with nut Gianduja and decorated with red powdered cacao (70%).


  8. Cudié - Antoni Gaudi - Hazelnut Praliné

    Caramelised hazelnuts coated with nut praline and decorated with powdered cacao.


8 Item(s)

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