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  1. Le Petit Duc - Box of Six Large Praline Eggs

    A real egg box filled with six authentic egg shells filled with praline. This is a very old fashioned tradition of presenting Easter eggs which had really disappeared. The technique is very meticulous. The eggs are cleaned, pierced and emptied to keep the shells. Then these shells are sterilised and filled with praline. What a surprise and an eggciting treat for Easter!


  2. Fabrice Gillotte - Orangettes

    Oranges are candied and combined with the velvety smooth dark chocolate of Monsieur Gillotte. Superb, bittersweet and refreshing.


  3. Fabrice Gillotte - Les Irrésistibles

    Les Irrésistibles are definitely irresistible! Delicious crunchy chocolate fudge caramel with the smoothness of vanilla and marshmallow crispy chocolate hazelnut. Assorted box of 6 assorted dark chocolate and milk Irrésitibles.


  4. Fabrice Gillotte - Mendiants

    Squares of 72% cocoa dark chocolate from Venezuela covered with caramelized Marcona almonds, Piedmont hazelnuts, raisins and pistachio nuts.


  5. Fabrice Gillotte - Les Sardines

    Les Sardines is the new original creation of Fabrice Gillotte. A gorgeous box of 10 dark and milk chocolate sardines filled with an almond and hazelnut praliné.


  6. La Royanette - Chocolate Praline Trouts

    Let's go fishing and catch these two praline chocolate sardines trapped in the wooden box! Handmade by La Royanette.


  7. La Royanette - Milk Chocolate Sardines

    These milk chocolate sardines from La Royanette are made of the highest quality ingredients, but with an added element of fun. A very realistic finish to the tin filled with 6 chocolate sardines.


  8. Le Petit Duc - Box of Six Mini Praline Eggs

    A very cute and pretty little box filled with six handmade praline eggs - 3 covered with milk chocolate and 3 covered with dark chocolate. Very beautiful and an eggciting treat for Easter!


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8 Item(s)

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