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Chapon - Pure Origin Chocolate Caraques

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Pure origin dark chocolates gathered in a beautiful box. A lovely way to travel the world.
This box contains 36 caraques (5gr each). Pure origin chocolates come from: Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela Chuao, Colombia, Fiji, Ecuador Los Rios, Madagascar Millot, Nicaragua Chuno, Peru Gran Blanco, Venezuela 100%, Tanzania Kamili and Venezuela Porcelana.

Chocolate has been Patrice Chapon’s universe since 1986. Even as a teenager Chapon worked with chocolate - the "secret substance" as he called it! Later on, this is in his father’s cellar that his first chocolate creations were born. Before starting up his own business, Patrice Chapon prepared ice creams and sorbets for Buckingham Palace. Gourmet pleasure and childhood inspire his ideas. It is not surprising that he chose three kids proudly carrying cocoa boxes as Chapon’s image and Trademark.
Patrice Chapon is a very enthusiastic person, rather than a passionate one. He is an extraordinary artisan chocolatier, a gifted craftsman, whose ambition is to create and keep creating chocolate jewels. Monsieur Chapon’s chocolate factory is situated in the village of Chelles, 20km North from the Eiffel Tower.

Cocoa mass, cane suger, cocoa butter, Grande sea salt.

Chapon - Pure Origin Chocolate CaraquesChapon - Pure Origin Chocolate Caraques
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