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  1. Atelier du Vin - Prong Puller Corkscrew

    This twin blade ‘corkscrew’ (or prong puller) extracts and leaves the cork intact, even those which are old and fragile. The two prongs will slide down easily between the neck of the bottle and the cork, allowing you to pull the cork from the bottle efficiently. With practice, this Twin blade corkscrew can be used to replace the cork as well. Not dishwasher safe.


  2. Le Creuset - Waiter's Friend

    This patented two-step design Waiter's Friend removes longer, fragile corks vertically. It is the traditional favourite of those in the restaurant industry.


  3. Forge de Laguiole - Sommelier - Thuya Wood Handle

    An extremely stylish, refined and durable corkscrew with a Thuya wood handle and a shiny stainless steel finish. The Forge de Laguiole logo is engraved on the foil cutter. This logo is exclusive and attests that this corkscrew was manufactured by FORGE de LAGUIOLE in the village of Laguiole in the Aubrac region of Southern France.This corkscrew is handmade from start to finish in France and by an individually dedicated artisan.


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