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  1. Forge de Laguiole - "Coupe Coupe" Cigar Cutter - Thuya wood handle

    Elegant and functional, the “Coupe-Coupe” cigar cutter is a small and practical accessory for cigar aficionados. Forge de Laguiole has created a cigar cutter keeping the traditional Laguiole shape of a knife handle and has added a highly effective scissor type cigar cutter. A unique and prestigious cigar cutter hand crafted at Forge de Laguiole and delivered with a soft leather case. The handle is made of Thuya wood – the wood mostly used for cigar humidors. Polished stainless steel cigar clippers. Supplied with elegant soft leather case. 10cm long.


  2. Cigar Ashtray 'Egoist' © Neil MacDougald 2013

    A very smart cigar ashtray for one cigar. Made in pewter.


  3. Bolivar Royal Coronas Tubos

    This Robusto from Bolivar follows the pattern of the whole brand. With regard to the Bolivar cigars, it is the spongiest, the one with the best draw, and it displays smoothness from beginning to end. Amongst the Robustos, it is placed between the Cohiba Robustos and the Epicure No. 2


  4. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 Tubos

    It distinguishes itself from the other Robustos because of its texture, which is spongier, and the perfect finish. It lacks the strength of the Cohibas, but it is superior to the Upmanns. A great Habano from Hoyo de Monterrey that should not be missing from the cellar of true enthusiast.


  5. Montecristo Open Master

    The Montecristo brand is well known for it's distinctive 'twang' of nutty and bean flavours. However, additions to the brand in recent years, for example, the Petit Edmundo and Open Master have strayed away from the classic Montecristo flavour profile.


  6. Partagas Serie D No 4

    The latest surprise from Partagás. A Robusto that has sneaked in through the back door. Its presentation, in a flat box, but following the rules of the so called new-generation Habanos, left us perplexed, until savoring them. It seems as if, until now, none has dared to compete with the Cohiba cigars but, if you like the Partagás line, this Cohiba cigars but, if you like the Partagás line, this is one of the best Robustos on the market.


  7. H.Upmann Magnum 46

    Excelent corona gorda.Traditional Cuban flavours. Strong, but smooth with leather, spice and complexity. Lots of thick smoke and nice aftertaste. Medium bodied cigar with lots of variation in pepper, cedar and chocolate/cacao. Smoke was rich and creamy. Burn was even. Lots of aging potential. Consistent higt quality box to box.


  8. Notturno XO Serie Quartetto Tubos

    Avo Cigars-Uvezian. The perfectly-balanced marriage of five different tobaccos, mostly from the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic, gives the Avo line - introduced in 1987 - a rich flavour in a mild-bodied cigar. The wrapper uses Connecticut-seed, Ecuadorian-grown Tobacco. Avo Cigars-Uvezian has great class and personality elegance.


  9. Punch Petit Coronations

    This is very good indeed. Burns just right, very well constructed. Very aromatic. Flavour good without bitterness...Don't miss it! Rare to find...


  10. Guantanamera Minuto cigar

    This recently announced product from Cuba has now been released. Guantanamera's are very mild cigars originating from the Vuelta Arriba region, and are very competitively priced. This is the ultimate Cuban cigar for a beginner or for any cigar smoker who likes a very mild and light bodied cigar.


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