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Nontron - Oyster Opener

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An oyster opener with a strong steel blade. Each handle is hand-shaped from 40 to 50 year old boxwood which has been air dried for at least 4 years. And each handle is hand decorated with ancient wood-burned figures. Over time, a boxwood handle develops a pleasing amber patina distinguishing it from all other knives. The little whole in the blade allows the water to evacuate when opening the oysters. As always at Coutellerie Nontronaise, methods and techniques in use today remain virtually identical to those employed since the 16th Century. 6.5cm blade. Not dishwasher safe.
40 steps are necessary to make a Nontron knife. Each piece is manufactured from the start to finish by the same person. All blades are forged at Forge de Laguiole workshop in Laguiole village, south-central France.

Coutellerie Nontronnaise is the heiress of a timeless expertise. Nontron is the name of a small town in the Périgord region of France. An original Nontron knife is recognisable by its shape and its distinctive wood burned symbol. Experts agree on the fact that the Nontron knife is the oldest French folding knife dating back to the sixteenth century. The way the Nontron knife is crafted today is nearly identical to the way it was made in sixteenth century - individual craftsmen using their own hand tools to create a work of art. The Nontron factory is a tiny building housing a small number of craftsmen and antique tools. It is the oldest continuously operating cutlery forge in France. Each Nontron knife is a work of art created by less than 20 artisan knife-makers. The blade is forged and not stamped, then carefully tempered in the iron rich water of the Périgord. In 2000, the new workshop designed by Luc-Arsène Henry opened its doors. Since then, several designers such as Olivier Gagnère, Eric Raffy, Stefania di Petrillo and Christian Ghion have lent their talents to the reinterpretation of the oldest French knife.

Nontron - Oyster OpenerNontron - Oyster Opener
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