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  1. Peugeot - 'Paris u'Select' Salt Mill

    Cooks with exacting preferences for grinding salt will enjoy using this Peugeot mill. The patented u'Select system allows you to adjust the grind of salt quickly, easily and accurately, selecting between powdery fine and extra-coarse grinds by simply turning the outer ring at the base of the mill. It is made of premium beechwood and finished with a stunning gloss finish of 7 layers lacquer plus 2 varnish topcoats for ultimate durability. The stainless steel grinding mechanism is engineered to resist corrosion and the mill is designed for dry coarse salt, dry sea salt or rock salt. Do not use for pepper or any other spice, wet sea salt such as sel de Guérande or fleur de sel.


  2. Peugeot - 'Annecy' Cheese Mill & Grater

    Peugeot cheese mill can effortlessly produce a mountain of grated cheese! Supplied with three grating discs to produce fine and medium results, or shavings, it enhances the taste of freshly grated cheese, and brings out the flavours. It is also suitable for grating nuts, almonds and chocolate.

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    Offer Price €41.50

  3. Peugeot - 'Amboine' Nutmeg Mill

    This state-of-the-art 'Amboine' nutmeg mill grinds exactly the amount of fresh nutmeg at the perfect fine consistency. The turning action is beautifully smooth and the sharp. The double blade grates your nutmeg wonderfully fine. The round design, inspired by the nutmeg’s shape enables you to store 7 to 8 nutmegs. Acrylic with stainless steel grinding mechanism. Do not use it for other spices or nuts. Presented in a Peugeot gift box.


  4. Atelier du Vin - 'Cage à Fromages' Cheese Cage

    This cheese board was designed to facilitate and enhance the presentation of cheese, fruit or pastries, while helping to conserve them.


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