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  1. Nontron - Oyster Opener

    An oyster opener with a strong steel blade. Each handle is hand-shaped from 40 to 50 year old boxwood which has been air dried for at least 4 years. The little whole in the blade allows the water to evacuate when opening the oysters.


  2. Peugeot - 'Amboine' Nutmeg Mill

    This state-of-the-art 'Amboine' nutmeg mill grinds exactly the amount of fresh nutmeg at the perfect fine consistency. The turning action is beautifully smooth and the sharp. The double blade grates your nutmeg wonderfully fine. The round design, inspired by the nutmeg’s shape enables you to store 7 to 8 nutmegs. Acrylic with stainless steel grinding mechanism. Do not use it for other spices or nuts. Presented in a Peugeot gift box.


  3. Libeco - 'Kalahari' Apron

    Libeco 'Kalahari' Apron is of exceptional quality. Soft yet strong it is extremely durable. 100% linen. 75 x 83cm.


  4. Nontron - Cheese Knife by Christian Ghion

    Sober style and unique line for this beautiful cheese knife designed by Christian Ghion and hand crafted entirely at Coutellerie Nontronaise in the Périgord region of France. The forged glossy finish stainless steel blade, is stamped "Nontron". The handle is made of ebony, a precious and hardwood, which gives a smooth and warm feel particularly comfortable to the hand. 16cm blade. Not dishwasher safe.


  5. Peugeot - Le Moulin d'Olivier Roellinger - Pepper Grinder

    This old-fashioned pepper mill draws inspiration from Peugeot's iconic coffee mills. It was designed by Sylvie Amar especially for Olivier Roellinger, one of the most acclaimed French Chef at les Maisons de Bricourt in Cancale. The crank and drawer handles of this pepper mill are designed after boat winches – a salute to Roellinger's personal passion for sailing.


  6. Cigar Cutter © Neil MacDougald 2013

    A real cigar smoker can't be without a cigar cutter. This elegant one is made of pewter.


  7. Forge de Laguiole - Letter Opener - Thuya Wood Handle

    Classic, stylish and useful, this letter opener is an elegant desk accessory has a Thuya wood handle. Polished stainless steel blade and bolsters. Total length 19cm.

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    Offer Price €85.00

  8. Forge de Laguiole - Butter Knife 'Lou Bure'

    Designed by Stéphane Rambaud for Forge de Laguiole, this butter knife features a gentle rounded stainless steel blade set in a handle of black horn tip. Flaring from its base like the trunk of a tree and resting on a solid disk of stainless steel, this simple yet unique knife perfectly combines modern expression with traditional materials. The rounded and curved handle also provides comfort and functionality. In 2008, this butter knife won the first prize in the "Gourmet" category at the International IWA trade fair.


  9. André & Michel Bras - 'Un Couteau à Fromage' Cheese Knife

    This ‘Couteau à Fromage’ was created by Michel Bras and his brother André, sons of a blacksmith. It is hand crafted at La Forge de Laguiole in the village of Laguiole.


9 Item(s)

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