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Chutneys - Confits - Jellies

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  1. Ferme du Letty - Confit de Figue

    The little black fig from Solliès in the Var region of the South of France is an AOC (Applellation d’Origine Contrôlée) and therefore a very regulated production. This confit is a perfect complement to foie gras. You may also try it with pork, duck and game. Cheeses with a strong character would pair well with it also.


  2. Ferme du Letty - Confit de Cerise au Thym

    Black cherries are slowly cooked with thyme for a distinctive sour/sweet taste. Fresh goat or sheep’s cheeses make the perfect partners. You may also experiment a little and spread it on toast and add a slice of smoked duck (magret).


  3. Ferme du Letty - Confit de Fruits Secs

    There is a lovely delicate sweetness in this Confit de Fruits Secs. Stunning combination of pears, apricots with nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. It is ideal served with cheese but especially with blue cheese like Roquefort, Crozier Blue or Cashel Blue. You may also serve it with terrines, pâtés and cold meats.


  4. Ferme du Letty - Chutney de Mangue

    This is the most famous chutneys from the Indian cuisine. Don't just use it to partner currys, try it also with cold meats and with sandwiches.


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  5. Albert Ménès - Confit de Pétales de Rose

    This 'Confit de Pétales de Rose’ is a preserve made from rose petals from the ‘Centifolia’ variety also called Rose de Mai and it expresses the subtle flavours of this exceptional flower.


  6. Albert Ménès - Confit de Fleurs de Violettes

    This preserve is made in Provence with 'Victoria' violets following a traditional recipe. It has a sweet, delicate flavour and its inimitable scent is absolutely natural as is its soft purple colour.


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