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Condiments - Mustards

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  1. Albert Ménès - Anchoiade

    Anchoiade is a speciality of Provence and consists of boneless and desalted anchovies pounded to a paste with olive oil and vinegar. Perfect for spiking Caesar salads. Also delicious spread on toasts as an appetizer.


  2. Maison Clarance - Moutarde Tradition

    A traditional mustard. 100% French.


  3. Maison Clarance - Moutarde en Grains

    Traditional wholegrain mustard. 100% French.


  4. Toustain-Barville - Moutarde de Normandie au Cidre

    A superb mustard made traditionally in Normandy. Made traditionally and exclusively with cider vinegar. Honey colour and impeccable roundness on the palate combining strength and flavours. The texture is perfectly smooth. A mustard with not lack of character as the taste buds are awakened with orchard, exotic, spicy and mimosa notes. Strong, this mustard will likely mellow if kept out of the fridge.


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  5. Albert Ménès - Câpres Non-Pareilles

    These are the finest, the smallest and the most desirable of capers called 'Non Pareilles'. They are delicious sprinkled over fish especially skate. Lovely to top pizzas and essential to prepare a steak tartare.


  6. Maison Marc - Cornichons Fins

    Crunchy, green and fresh these cornichons are proper pickles. They are guaranteed 100% French.


  7. Albert Ménès - Confit Lemons

    These small round lemons ‘Beldi’ of beautiful yellow colour ripened under the Egyptian sun. Harvested at full maturity, the lemons are pickled in salt and their own juices. Their scent is stronger than fresh zest. They add a delicate citrus flavour to Mediterranean dishes like tajines.


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