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Haven Smokehouse - Smoked Salmon 250G

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The Haven Smokehouse is set on the shores of the beautiful Sheephaven Bay, in the wild rugged landscape of Donegal. Declan Mc Connellogue and his partner Sue Cruse are fortunate in that they collect their organic salmon from 20 minutes down the road at Fanad Head - this is the freshest organic salmon sourced from a bio-suisse approved organic farm, on the pristine waters of the North Atlantic. The fish goes into the smokehouse the same day as it comes out of the water - it doesn't get much fresher than that.

In 2013 Declan built a traditional timber framed smokehouse and he fillets, cures and slices the salmon by hand. (There is no use of machinery.) At the Haven Smokehouse salt is not used to cure the salmon. Salt is used to create a pellicle on the flesh of the fish to let the smoke stick to it. Given time, smoke will slowly displace the moisture in the salmon, therefore curing and creating a low salt product.

The salmon is cold smoked while it hangs on twine from hooks, which allows the oil that comes to the surface, to drip off the tail, in sparkling droplets. Smoked with 10,000 year old turf from the mountains of Donegal it gives the salmon a sweet and memorable flavour as anyone who has been fortunate enough to warm themselves in front of a turf fire would tell you. Beechwood is also used which balances the deepness of the turf and adds another note of sweetness.

The result is a smoked salmon that is unique and your taste buds will thank you for it. Declan handles the entire smoking process himself and he focusses on getting the salmon to the very highest standard.

Declan and Sue recommend to slice their smoked salmon straight down vertically, Sashimi style. This way gives you a much better cross-section of the flavours, from the salt to the smoke and the fish.

At Terroirs, we are selling the salmon unsliced (rather than paper-thin slicing) as it allows the salt and smoke to migrate through the flesh slowly, ensuring an even balance of flavours and melt in the mouth feel throughout the whole fish.


Haven Smokehouse - smoked salmonHaven Smokehouse - smoked salmon
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  • Declan Mc Connellogue with salmon
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