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Albert Ménès - Confit de Pétales de Rose

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This 'Confit de Pétales de Rose’ is a preserve made from rose petals from the ‘Centifolia’ variety also called Rose de Mai and it expresses the subtle flavours of this exceptional flower. The roses are hand harvested at dawn in the region of Grasse (Provence) during the month of May. The fragile petals are hand picked precisely one by one and placed in each jar of jelly. Exquisite for breakfast and afternoon tea, on toast or scones. This jelly is absolutely natural, no artificial colours or flavours are added. Its colour and fragrance are inimitable.
The brand Albert Ménés was created in 1986, bringing together truly gifted artisan producers with ancestral know-how. Today, La Maison Albert Ménès is a real "Conservatory" of delicacies from the French provinces, but also from further a field with the outstanding spices. All these delicacies are chosen with fastidious discrimination and amazing knowledge. La Maison Albert Ménès is tireless in its pursuit of interesting, high-quality, delicious artisan foods.

Sugar, rose petals, pectin fruit, citric acid. 370G.

Albert Ménès - Confit de Pétales de RoseAlbert Ménès - Confit de Pétales de Rose
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