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Olives - Tapenade

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  1. Mas de la Dame - Tapenade Verte

    This is a tapenade made ​​from green olives. The olives are chopped – not too finely - to maintain the slightly crunchy texture of green olive. Capers are added to the green olive paste which is then seasoned with a dash of spices. Enjoy spread on fresh crusty or toasts as an apéritif. Perfect as a dip for crunchy vegetables.


  2. Mas de la Dame - Tapenade Noire

    Beautiful sun-drenched pitted olives are finely ground. A few capers, beautiful desalted anchovy fillets, spices and olive oil are the added to create a creamy olive paste.


  3. Oliveraie Royale - Olives Lucques Noires

    On the eve of the winter, having reached they full size the green Lucques olives change colour to become shiny black with purple hues. They are hand harvested before the wind brings them down. It’s then time to hand sort them one by one. Nothing else than olive oil, and a few herbs are added to these rare plump black olives from the Roussillon to give them a unique taste.


  4. Oliveraie Royale - Olives Lucques Vertes

    These plump Olives Lucques Vertes are hand harvested and hand sorted at the peak of their maturity. Only the biggest get the to be qualified as ‘Royale’. Connoisseurs are happy to say that at this level of excellence, the varietal Lucques du Roussillon is without a doubt the best in the world.


  5. Albert Ménès - Olives Vertes Picholine

    The Olives Picholine are great to help decorate any dishes giving them a Southern feel. They can also be served with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of thyme.


  6. Albert Ménès - Olives Vertes de Lucques

    These Lucques olives are grown in Languedoc Roussillon where they absorb so much sun!. They are picked unripe which preserves their fresh scent of olive leaf, their firm flesh almost crunchy. Their core gives them a slightly nutty flavour.


6 Item(s)

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