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Albert Ménès - Black Peppercorns

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Use whole black peppercorns in stocks and marinades; grind fresh for a riot of flavour in salads; show it at its purest with extra virgin olive oil and salt over pasta. A surprising accent in sweet dishes like fresh strawberries with balsamic vinegar. Pepper grows in clusters on creepers. In order to get black pepper, green beans are harvested prior to maturity and are then dried in the sun for several days. The green beans wrinkle and get their final colour: they turned black. The beans are then sorted and graded.
The Albert Ménès brand was created in 1986, bringing together truly gifted artisan producers with ancestral know-how. Today, La Maison Albert Ménès is a real "Conservatory" of delicacies from the French provinces, but also from further a field with the outstanding spices. All these delicacies are chosen with fastidious discrimination and amazing knowledge. La Maison Albert Ménès is tireless in its pursuit of interesting, high-quality, delicious artisan foods.

Black peppercorns. 75G.

Albert Ménès - Poivre Noir en GrainsAlbert Ménès - Poivre Noir en Grains
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