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Salines de Millac - Fleur de Sel

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Fleur de sel is the caviar of salts. Only when the weather conditions are perfect, the "flower of the salt" rises to the top of salt ponds and is carefully harvested by skilled paludiers. These fine, light crystals have a delicate flavor and high concentration of minerals. Beautiful and rare, with a slight taste of flowers, this salt is intense. It is accepted by many chefs as the best finishing salt in the world that will enhance any gourmet meal. Add a microscopic amount on top of foie gras on toast: absolutely delicious!
Emmanuel Violeau and Nathalie Lechat were both brought up in a preserved nature of the Pays de Rez, in the village of Les Moutiers en Rez - just South of Pornic (near the city of Nantes).
After their environmental studies, they both fell in love with the salt marshes of ‘Millac’. They have common passions: salt and the respect for nature. Emmanuel and Nathalie are hard workers and extremely dependent on weather conditions. Their salt ponds extend over 11 hectares.

Salt. 50G.

Salines de Millac - Fleur de SelSalines de Millac - Fleur de Sel
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