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Le Petit Duc - Nougat Classique

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The Nougat Classique is hand crafted at Le Petit Duc in Saint Rémy de Provence following an ancient secret recipe that Hermann Van Beek inherited from a retired pastry chef who wanted to pass on his 'savoir-faire'. Using only the purest ingredients of the highest quality – almonds from Provence (33%), sugars, glucose, honey and egg whites – Le Petit Duc creates a nougat that remains soft. This nougat is prepared in small copper bowls in order to control the consistency. The texture and flavour on the palate are extremely harmonious without any excess of sugar. This nougat literally melts in the mouth and does not stick to the teeth - important!
For the last twenty years Anne Daguin and Hermann Van Beek have been super-dedicated to producing honest sweets and biscuits following ancient recipes some recipes dating back to the 9th century! Their attitude is those of artisans with an artistic verve. They are based in the quaint village of Saint Rémy de Provence. Le Petit Duc does not use any artificial aromas.

French almonds (33%), sugars, glucose, honey and egg whites. 95G

Le Petit Duc - Nougat ClassiqueLe Petit Duc - Nougat Classique
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  • Le Petit Duc - Nougat Classique
  • Le Petit Duc - Nougat Classique
  • Manual production of nougat at Le Petit Duc - © Laurent Palanque