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Vinegars - Balsamic Vinegars

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  1. Valdespino - Sherry Wine Vinegar

    This top quality, delicious sherry vinegar is a carefully balanced blend of older and younger vinegars. The result is a wonderfully sweet and complex vinegar. It's perfect when used sparingly to add a fantastic depth of flavour. Its intense flavour comes from the sherry barrels in which it is stored. It adds sweetness and piquancy to cooked meat, soups and salads. It also makes the best sweet and sour sauce imaginable.


  2. La Vecchia Dispensa - Balsamic Vinegar - Red Label

    This Red Label Balsamic Vinegar is ideal for everyday use on salads, try mixing with Colonna Oil, or use in cooking as a base for a rich gravy. It can stand the heat. Splash it into the tin after roasting a bird, add stock or a splash of well-brewed Lapsang Souchon tea, scrape in all the sticky bits, and stir in a spoonful of redcurrant jelly. This Red Label Balsamic Vinegar used at the River Café for the Lamb Shanks in Balsamic Vinegar. Density: 1.20


  3. Giuseppe Giusti - Balsamic Vinegar

    Dense and rich with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, this balsamic vinegar is perfect for grilled meats, fish, cheese, fruit and more. Add directly to all your favourite foods. For lovers of balsamic vinegar, this is the pinnacle of sophistication. Unique elixir is obtained only by carefully following an antique recipe of transferring the liquid through a series of smaller and smaller barrels of different types of woods.


  4. La Vecchia Dispensa - Balsamic Vinegar  - Yellow Label

    Distinguished by a complexity of flavour underlined by a refreshing sharpness. The depth of colour and desirable viscosity comes from age and nothing else. Delicate and robust, smooth and subtle but still pleasantly sharp. A rounded dense Balsamic Vinegar with a decidedly sweet flavour. Ideal for cheese, grilled vegetables, ice-cream: final touch add to first courses like risotto, ravioli, potatoes gnocchi seasoned with butter and Parmigiano Reggiano. Density: 1.22.


  5. La Vecchia Dispensa - Balsamic Condiment - 100ml

    This Green Label Balsamic Condiment is particularly fresh. It should be best used to fresh vegetables and grilled vegetables. Served with a fine quality extra virgin olive oil. Perfect to sprinkle over prosciutto served in the traditional way, each slice wrapped loosely round its own breadstick.
    Density: 1.27


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