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Gourmet Corner

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  1. Albert Ménès - Galettes au Caramel

    This small and fine shortbread biscuit is made with caramel and ​​exclusively with natural ingredients. Sugar, cream and fresh butter salted with sea salt from Guérande. Delicious at yea time it is also superb crumble over vanilla ice cream.


  2. Albert Ménès - Galettes Bretonnes

    These shortbread cookies are from Pont-Aven in Brittany. One of the secrets of their incomparable taste is the use of fresh churned salted butter with an incredible smoothness and exceptional taste.


  3. Albert Ménès - Oboles de Lucerne

    These Oboles de Lucerne are wafer thin biscuits flavoured with Emmental cheese - the original flavour for this Swiss specialty. A must for cocktails and pre dinner drinks.


  4. Albert Ménès - Pains aux Amandes

    This thin biscuit is a typical recipe from the Flanders in Belgium. Perfect for tea time or to accompany sorbets or ice creams the Pains aux Amandes are inimitably light and the wafer thin slices of roasted almonds add a lovely delicate flavour to the biscuits. Genuinely delicious and exquisitely presented.


  5. Albert Ménès - Palets Blésois

    These pure butter cookies are delicately scented with orange and enriched with candied orange peels.


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  6. Goulibeur - Mini Heart Shaped Butter Biscuits

    Twenty four mini heart pure butter shortbreads in a gorgeous tin.


  7. Goulibeur - Fan-Shaped Shortbreads

    A wooden box filled with the most irresistible fan-shaped shortbreads.


  8. Goulibeur - Broyé du Poitou - Christmas Tin

    The Broyé du Poitou is a large, flat shortbread biscuit from the Poitou-Charentes region of Western France. It is presented in a very attractive Christmas tin.


  9. Goulibeur - Pure Butter Shortbreads

    A tin of twelve large pure butter shortbreads in 3 freshness packs.


9 Item(s)

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