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"Having now used Terroirs several times to send gifts of fine wine and crystal glassware to friends and colleagues when they are celebrating their special occasions, I cannot recommend this business highly enough. Seán is clearly both highly passionate and hugely knowledgeable about his wines and the attention to detail in wrapping the presents to also look, as well as taste spectacular has been absolutely superb. As I live in London, I was even sent photographs so that I could see the beautifully finished packages before they were dispatched! Overall, the outstanding service that I have received from Seán and Terroirs has made selecting gifts of his excellent wines a very enjoyable and personalised experience that I will be repeating many times again in the future."
Richard Prosser - Chairman, CarTrawler UK

“I’ve been shopping in Terroirs for many years. You’ll always find a veritable treasure trove of classy wines, gifts and champagnes in their store. You could spend hours there just browsing for a niche wine for investment or pick up a few bottles of reasonably priced top notch wine for a barbeque! And to top all that you can always be guaranteed a smile and a chat with either Seán or Françoise who know their wines so well.”
Michael D. Irwin, Castleknock, Dublin

“If you want great, friendly, and personal service, Terroirs is the place for just that. We use them for all of our orders that need to be placed in Dublin. You will not be let down by Terroirs.”
Kevin, Beverly Hills, California, USA

“Ever been to a French country market? Remember the quality and variety, the knowledge and passion for the produce? Seán and Françoise show this for wine and more at Terroirs. From wine to appreciation courses and dinners, it’s all there.”
Christopher Pidgeon, Dublin

“The timeless interior of Terroirs reflects the philosophy of the owners. My role as architect was one of collaboration with Seán and Françoise in, firstly, a rigorous and exciting process of research, exploration discovery and then giving form and shape to the ideas being created. The design emerged from this synthesis. It was not imposed or forced. I was as much "water diviner" as designer. For me what is most satisfying now when visiting Terroirs  is to enjoy its qualities of ongoing newness, relevance and its surprises while the core remains the same. "Neither fashion or age can alter it" said the Irish Food Guide.”
Des McMahon FRIAI - PRHA  -  Gilroy McMahon Architects, Dublin

"Being a lover of Michel Cluizel chocolates for many years and only having access to purchase on my travels, it was with great delight to find treasure on my doorstep, Terroirs, who not only stocks an impressive range to suit all palates but offers an efficient on-line business, which by far displays a high calibre service."
Evonne Brennan, Carlow

Terroirs and Françoise’s elegant and tasteful selections have been a hit every time for the several years I have used them. Whether for a CEO or discerning head of home, Terroirs gift hampers with their terrific wine selections and sublime gourmet treats never disappoint! And they make it so easy to call, or email and they deliver and do the rest. Thanks Terroirs!"
Mark Tender, Vice President Marketing and Communications AWAS, New York

"Terroirs have been providing me with wine for over 20 years: I never cease to be amazed that Seán and Françoise are so knowledgeable about my preferences and always have something new to offer. A visit to the shop always brightens up even the worst of days."
John McInerney, Ranelagh, Dublin

“I can’t say enough about Terroirs. Seán & Françoise display integrity and care in all that they do. They have impeccable taste, and are so generous to share it with everyone in a down to earth way. I'd highly recommend their gift hampers as I have been lucky enough to receive one. I'll never forget the sense of wonder on seeing all the treasure inside the beautifully packaged box. Taking out one piece at a time, I was like a child, it brought immense joy. Most of all I am so happy to have found a shop that sells biodynamic wine. I share Seán & Françoise’s love of the traditional organic and biodynamic way of wine producing, which nurtures the land and the vines, and most of all using no man made chemicals in the process. The wines are delicious and my health is all the better for them!”
Anne McDevitt, Co. Kildare

"I've enjoyed Seán and Françoise Gilley's wine shop Terroirs in the heart of Donnybrook for the last 10 years, their variety and selection of wines is fantastic and their personal knowledge of every bottle of wine ensures there is a story with every bottle and a perfect bottle for every occasion. It's a fantastic and beautifully presented wine shop."
Kristian, Dublin

“I have been collecting and drinking wine for over 25 years and have found Seán and Françoise to be fantastic. They have a great variety of small producers where the quality and value are outstanding. The Gilleys are both passionate and extremely knowlegeable. An absolute pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in awarding Terroirs 5 stars.”
David Alexander, Proprietor D.J Alexander, Edinburgh & Glasgow

“Françoise came to work at Clos Du Val in 1992 for two of years. I never ceased to be amazed at her dynamism and positive attitude, even in an environment that was really foreign to her. Nothing was impossible to her and her sense of creativity was exciting! I met Seán when he came to visit Françoise in the Napa Valley numerous times. As they opened up Terroirs, Françoise and Seán imported the wines of Clos du Val to Ireland. They were very intent on building up the value of Clos Du Val. I very much enjoyed my trips to Ireland and the days were always too short in Françoise and Seán’s most hospitable company.”
Bernard Portet, co-founder and former winemaker of Clos Du Val Winery, Napa Valley, California

“I have been buying wines from Seán and Françoise since the very beginning of Terroirs and long before. It is always a treat to go into their shop and see the wonderful range of well chosen and diverse wines. It is a pleasure to have their friendship.”
Peter F. Delamer, Howth, Co Dublin

“Voltaire, as we all know, penned many a wise, witty and perceptive thought but as a lifelong and keen wine student, my favourite is his definition of bliss. "To sit on one's terrace sipping the fruits of the vines, the vines that one gazes at not metres away". Not many of us are so privileged but as far as I'm concerned the next best thing is Terroirs Boutique Wine Shop in Donnybrook. Conscientiously and lovingly owned and managed by Seán and Françoise, this oasis of good wine and food tastes is a must, if the sound of a cork or indeed corks popping is your reward for getting through the week. They have a wonderful selection of personally chosen wines from principally my favourite locations. What I term "Roman Empire". These are wines to be trusted and enjoyed with the added benefit of knowing that many of the Vignerons are friends of Seán and Françoise, a personal and professional association that few wine-sellers in Dublin can boast of. Yes one can visit Terroirs with a blank cheque and come away with something priceless, but crucially you can have just a tenner in your pocket and yet still leave their engaging premises with an excellent table wine. Essentially Terroirs is an Alladin's Cave where the expert will feel at home but where the novice will be guided to wine heaven by the Boutique's proprietors. I'm getting thirsty - again - and it's only Monday. Ah le weekend!
Philip O'Sullivan, Irish Actor

Terroirs, our very own ‘terroir’ in Donnybrook, courtesy of Seán and Françoise Gilley”
Michael Tierney, Donnybrook, Dublin

“A sommelier is obviously a person who is in love with wine. When I met Seán and Françoise in France nearly 10 years ago, we immediately became friends first and foremost because we speak the same language. We shared our knowledge and discoveries in the vineyards of France; I was impressed by their enthusiasm and their passion for wine. I came to see them in Dublin and discovered Terroirs, such an extraordinary boutique where you will find friendliness and where each bottle, each proposed product has its own history. Each wine was carefully chosen thanks to patient research and various encounters. In Terroirs, they know where the wine comes from, who produced it, why this cuvée was selected for you; when coming to the boutique, you will receive the personalised recommendations of two food and wine lovers to help you chose the wine to serve with your dish. Thanks to Françoise and Seán, you are very lucky to find in Dublin such varied choices of wines of such quality and provided to you by passionate people who are as lovely as they are professional. I hope you will make wonderful discoveries in my favourite wine shop, the best one, the only one!”
Christian Martray, Chef Sommelier at the Relais Châteaux Hameau Albert 1er in Chamonix - Master Sommelier 2009

“Wine lovers in Dublin would find it hard to surpass the combination of experience advice and personalised service available from Seán and Françoise Gilley at their delightful wine shop Terroirs on Morehampton Road in Donnybrook Dublin 4.”
Mark Downes, Sutton, Co Dublin

“I feel like I am a child again when I am in Terroirs. I am in the present, and I put the past and future on the shelf for a while. When one is able to live totally in the moment, time expands. There are so many good things to eat and drink available at Terroirs, one could spend an entire morning or an afternoon just wandering through the shop and imagining feasts to prepare for friends and family. One can also choose one or two little items to bring a smile to their loved ones on a normal week night. The elements of terroir in the vineyard are held together by the human element. The beauty of Terroirs is the warmth, the heart, and the soul of the shop embodied by Françoise and Seán.”
Michael Silacci, Winemaker, Opus One Winery, Napa Valley

“I’ve been a regular and happy visitor of Terroirs for the past 8 years. Pushing the door of the boutique is entering into another world where all the regions of France are represented by their best and various products and producers. I could not choose between the Cassoulet from the South West, the Choucroute of Alsace, the delicious chocolates from the finest maîtres chocolatiers from Paris, the natural apple juice truly made from apples only or even the bottle of Sauternes which would be a real treat with my homemade apple tart. As a French expatriate who loves living in Ireland but still misses some particular things from France, Terroirs is a very special place where you can clearly feel Françoise and Seán have put all their love, passion and dedication to authenticity when it comes to the products they carefully chose. A little bit of the real France, the real 'terroir', in the heart of Dublin and where two epicureans welcome their customers with friendliness and share their knowledge and passion through their recommendations. Merci!”
Delphine Koelsch McCarthy, Dublin

“Since moving to Donnybrook some years ago, one of my most pleasant surprises was to discover the French experience that is Terroirs. The wines individually chosen, often from small producers, are delightful and cover a price range suitable for all pockets. The non wine French delicacies are also very tempting and my grand children (and myself) are already regular customers!! So I toast Seán and Françoise – keep up the good work.”
Michael Moriarty, Dublin

"Whether it's a special bottle for a special occasion; a nice, relaxed drop for dinner on a wet Tuesday evening; or providing case loads of affordable but quality wine for our wedding day (which had more than a few guests talking), we have always been totally satisfied with Terroirs. Nothing in the shop is anything less than excellent: interesting and affordable wines, classy foods, beautiful soaps, glassware, handmade chocolate... Seán and Françoise know their product intimately and are always able to satisfy your expectations. Add to this helpful and unpretentious service and you have in Terroirs a rare haven of class, style, and, most importantly these days, value.”
George & Emma, Drumcondra, Co. Dublin

“Being a non drinker and having absolutely no knowledge of wines at all, I approached Terroirs to help us procure some fine wines for the guests attending our wedding. Seeing the passion Seán & Françoise had for sourcing wines, that not only would taste incredible but that would also compliment our menu for the dinner, was incredible to witness. Feed back from our guests (especially our Swedish ones) about the wine was fantastic. Seán & Françoise even contacted us on the night of the wedding to make sure the wine was going down well, that level of customer service is unmatched in any sector. Popping in and out of the shop, we would always treat ourselves to some of the richest chocolates we have ever had the pleasure of tasting and their lavender honey has become a staple part of our diet, from the porridge or toast in the morning to a tea or hot lemon at night. We are always made feel so welcome at Terroirs and sometimes just drop in for a chat with Seán and Françoise but we never leave without a treat!” 
Malin & Luke Manning, Co. Kildare

 "We have been buying wine in Terroirs now for many years. All of their wines have been carefully selected by Seán and Françoise which means they are all wonderful, regardless of the price. Of course, Terroirs is not only great for wine but also for wine accessories such as glasses and decanters. Seán and Françoise also stock a super range of French delicacies, including chocolates and sweets and also little treats for the children. You can always be assured of personal service and excellent advice when buying in Terroirs. You will never be disappointed!"
Séamus & Mary O'Donoghue, Dublin

"I have known Seán and Françoise for over 20 years and have never been anything but impressed by their knowledge, good humour and fantastic advice when it comes to choosing wines for any occasion. Simply brilliant." 
Stephen Ryan, Howth, Co Dublin

“ the last few years I saw and sniffed a beautiful addition to Donnybrook. It had the happy odour of good wine and had, appropriately, a French name: Terroirs. It is a vineyard in the centre of plenty and the names it offers could be sung: so sing Château Lynch Bages, which I hope to drink in a corner of heaven, to my everyday companion Terroirs’ Wellington Pinotage... and Donnybrook is a vineyard.” February 1998. 
Benedict Kiely, Irish writer and broadcaster (1919-2007)