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Atelier du Vin - 'Black Black' Corkscrew

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Even tough a classic tool the 'Black Black' corkscrew remains timeless. Its special rounded, forged and Teflon plated 5 wires worm (invented by L'Atelier du Vin) grips any sorts of corks without tearing them. Its two large levers lift cork gently but firmly along centre line. Its internal plastic ring prevents the fragile bottle neck from chipping. Its handle is also a bottle-opener. To use it, centre the wire extremity on the cork, maintaining the ring of the 'Black Black' over the bottle top.Thoroughly screw in without touching the levers in order to let them rise. Then bring the levers down and let the cork come out. Not dishwasher safe. Presented in a L’Atelier du Vin gift box.
Since 1926, L’Atelier du Vin creates wine-complementing products. From opening to pouring to preserving and storing, L’Atelier du Vin can look after a bottle of wine from the cellar to the glass, with design and functionality to enhance the pleasure of wine-drinking. The work of wine producers and the observation of men and women cultivating their vines and producing wines, provides l’Atelier du Vin with rich ideas.

Atelier du Vin - 'Black Black' CorkscrewAtelier du Vin - 'Black Black' Corkscrew
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