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Le Creuset - TM110 Corkscrew

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The original design by prolific inventor Herbert Allen offers a self-pulling corkscrew with the style and ease that wine lovers have come to expect for more than 30 years; a simple turn of the handle removes a cork in seconds. To use it: remove the foil from the bottle, ideally using a Le Creuset Foil Cutter. Place the guide frame of the corkscrew on the neck of the bottle until the internal shoulders rest on the bottle top. Hold firmly and lower the spiral through the guide to the surface of the cork. Start to screw with a little pressure and then turn the handle clockwise. As you continue to turn, the cork begins to climb up the spiral and out of the bottle. No pulling required. After the cork is out, remove the corkscrew from the bottle. Hold it firmly and turn the handle anti-clockwise. Once free of the screw, remove the cork from the corkscrew by pulling it down and out of the frame.

Le Creuset - TM110 CorkscrewLe Creuset - TM110 Corkscrew
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  • Le Creuset - TM110 Corkscrew
  • Le Creuset - TM110 Corkscrew

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