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  1. Barrel Corkscrew

    The Barrel corkscrew has been crafted from solid oak with the greatest of care in France at Peugeot manufacture. The barrel corkscrew opens all bottles in a single motion and in mere seconds. Once the bottle has been opened, the cork can easily be removed from the corkscrew.


  2. Le Creuset - TM200 Corkscrew

    Designed for use on any type of cork or bottle, the Activ-ball features Le Creuset's unique technology to bring added simplicity to opening your wine; simply turn the soft touch handle, no pulling is needed.


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  3. Soft Machine Corkscrew - Ebony Handle

    Soft Machine Ebony extracts the cork from your bottle in only one move, in a completely fluid and continuous way, thanks to its unique gear system. The cork is pulled out vertically, without any torsion or effort minimising any damage to the cork. Contains a foil cutting-blade and a bottle opener.


3 Item(s)

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