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Zweisel 1872 - Enoteca Decanter

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Enoteca is a classically elegant decanter with soft lines. With a wide bowl, this piece enhances the character and enjoyment of fine wines. Handcrafted and mouth-blown. Packaged in a Zweisel 1872 box.
The exclusive lifestyle collections of the ZWIESEL 1872 brand from Germany emanate an aura of calm elegance and timeless taste. The collection of glasses and decanters display character without being trendy, and stand for individual choice and appreciation. Each glass and each decanter are unique. Because each mouth-blown, hand crafted pieces have their own vitality and sensuality, it distinguishes them from any other glass and decanter.
Decanters should always be washed and dried soon after use; leaving any liquid in a decanter for more than a few days can lead to hard to remove stains forming on the inside.
DROP PROTECT is a reliable anti-drip protection. The specially refined Drop Protect finish keeps drips inside the glass, therefore preventing unsightly stains from developing.
Height: 282mm
 - Diameter: 175mm
 - Volume:750ml

Zweisel 1872 - Enoteca DecanterZweisel 1872 - Enoteca Decanter
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  • Zweisel 1872 - Enoteca Decanter
  • Zweisel 1872
  • Drop Protect is a reliable anti-drip protection

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