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  1. Richard Brendon x Jancis Robinson - Water Carafe

    This is the bottle-shaped old wine decanter without the stopper, an understated and versatile water carafe that follows the form of the Wine Glass and the Water Glass to create a beautiful and refined suite. It also fits in the fridge door, keeping your water - or white wine - perfectly chilled.


  2. Atelier du Vin - Oeno Box Solid Wood

    Oeno Box lever corkscrew ensures fast and easy opening of wine bottles. A sturdy grip is assured thanks to the technical design of the handle. Designed to adapt to the majority of bottle neck diameters. Integrated foil capsule cutter - Spare wire treated steel. Made from chromed metal and solid wood.


  3. Zweisel 1872 - Enoteca Decanter

    Enoteca is a classically elegant decanter with soft lines. With a wide bowl, this piece enhances the character and enjoyment of fine wines. Handcrafted and mouth-blown. Packaged in a Zweisel 1872 box.


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  4. Finesse Decanting Set

    A decanting set including an elegant decanter, a glass funnel for the wine to glide along the inner walls of the carafe, a wine protector that allows air exchange and keeps foreign objects (such as insects) away; and a decanter top that stops the decanting process.


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  5. Zweisel 1872 - Pollux Decanter

    **SOLD OUT**

    Handcrafted and mouth-blown, the Pollux Decanter with its wide bowl is perfect to help young red wine to breathe and open up. The unique design allows you to grip and pour from underneath the base. Packaged in a Zweisel 1872 box.


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  6. Zweisel 1872 - Beaune Decanter

    Handcrafted and mouth-blown, the Beaune Decanter features a sturdy handle for easy pouring. Its broad base will allow any young red wine to aerate rapidly. With this Beaune Decanter you will serve wine in style. Packaged in a Zweisel 1872 box.


  7. Atelier du Vin - 'Timbale' Bucket

    The Timbale bucket is a wine and/or champagne cooler and ice bucket. A luxury version of the classic farm milk can, the Timbale bucket, filled with water and ice cubes transports, refreshes and chills your wine. With its cover on, the Timbale bucket serves as an excellent ice cube bucket. Its cover makes an ideal saucer for olives or salty snacks. This bucket is suitable for 75cl and magnum bottles. It is made of stainless steel and the handle is Beech wood. Not dishwasher safe. Presented in a L’Atelier du Vin gift box.


  8. Richard Brendon x Jancis Robinson - The Young Wine Decanter

    This is a generous and bold decanter for young wines needing aeration and maximum surface area for the wine.


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