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Wine Investment

Why collect wine?

There are very few collectibles that are capable of expressing time better than wine. Fine wine is ever evolving and so when you buy a case of a great wine and drink over the course of 5-10 years, your experience of that wine changes over time, it’s fascinating to personally experience the evolution of the world’s greatest wines as they develop different characteristics.

What makes a great investment?

Uniqueness and individuality; wines that are not necessarily the most expensive but ones that you actually drink and enjoy. There’s great satisfaction to be had in a mature Reisling that cost €20-30, for example, and good ones will last 40-50 years if you’re patient. Apart from that, variety is key – nothing is more gratifying than learning about new and different wines from all over the world that contribute to an interesting collection.


There are two places you can keep your wine: at home or in a bonded warehouse.
At home, the key element is temperature and humidity. Wine fridges and wine rooms will assure an optimum temperature.The advantage of storing in a bonded warehouse is that the wines are held exempt of excise duty and VAT, this is only payable when you take the wines out of a bonded warehouse.If you are limited in space at home it provides the perfect environment for long-term storage for a much larger collection.

All wines purchased from Terroirs Ltd are stored in Revenue Bonded Warehouse Masterlink Logistics storage facility Unit 19 Park West Nangor Rd. Dublin 12.

Minimum funds

There is no minimum investment level but we have a recommended minimum level of €10,000 in order to build a diverse portfolio and access stock with the strongest growth potential.

Wine investment and taxes

Fine wine investment is often advertised as a Tax Free Investment. Whilst fine wine certainly can be considered more tax-efficient than other forms of investment, there a number of key considerations to make and it is crucial to observe that legislation in this area is not always black and white. We recommend you consult with your tax adviser to see how to make the most of fine wine as an asset.


 If you would like to find out more about our wine investment or to have an initial discussion, we’d encourage you to contact Seán Gilley at Terroirs.

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Wine Investment

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