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Domaine Plageoles,Mauzac Vert

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Region: Gaillac
Refined Region: Cahuzac sur Vère
Vintage: 2011
Grape Varieties:
Mauzac 100% Colour: White Wine
Alcohol Level: 15%
Production Style: Biodynamic
Closure: Natural Cork

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Bottle Size: 750ml bottle
Wine Comments
Bright medium yellow colour. Clean, open and aromatic nose with an incredibly pronounced aroma of fresh green apple. Distinctive and interesting palate, very crisp malic, again like biting into an apple, but a fuller mid-palate with notes of lemon grass and citrus. Herbaceous finish, quite persistent.

The Domaine
The exceptional wines crafted at Plageoles represent some of the finest wines being made in Gaillac today. Bernard Plageoles is continuing the work of his father Robert, an outspoken advocate for natural wines with a centuries old approach to winemaking. Robert researched and replanted over a dozen varieties (7 in the Mauzac family alone) indigenous to Gaillac that had all but vanished. The Plageoles are one of the oldest winemaking families in the AOC and they are thoroughly invested in retaining the traditions and quality for which this often-overlooked AOC is now receiving well-deserved praise. The terroir in Gaillac is made up of clay, limestone, sand and silex soils. Gaillac receives more sunshine than Bordeaux and is graced by a cool maritime climate. Bernard and his wife Myriam are keeping ancient winemaking traditions alive by crafting organic wines from nearly forgotten indigenous varieties. Between the historic family vineyard of Très Cantous and the Roucou-Cantemerle vineyard totaling 20 hectares, they farm Mauzac Vert, Mauzac Noir, Ondenc, Duras, Musscadelle, and Prunelart. To drink the wines from Plageoles is to experience the fruit and terroir of living history.

“…nothing quite like them is produced anywhere else in France… In many ways [the Plageoles wines] are untypical of Gaillac – yet Gaillac is an AOC with so many personalities that they seem perversely typical, too.” Andrew Jefford, The New France.

“The Plageoles put Gaillac – and it’s local grapes – on the map.” Jacqueline Friedrich, The Wines Of France.

Food Pairing
Fish, trout with cauliflower, lettuce, gazpacho, lobster and crab.

Domaine Plageoles - MauzacDomaine Plageoles - Mauzac
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