Les Impitoyables
'Le Taster' Tasting Glass


'Le Taster' has been designed to savour the maximum aromas in the minimum amount of time. The smooth, slimline design brings all the qualities of a wine to the fore. Each sensation is amplified, the aromas unfold and the quintessence of the wine is revealed. Mouth-blown, 'Le Taster' has two hollows - one at the base and another one on the side, which have a double function. The first one is to be able to hold the glass between two fingers and avoid warming its contents. The second function is to be able to swirl and aerate the wine, which will break up its molecules against the hollows. To use it, hold the glass between two fingers. Shake the wine in 'Le taster' to aerate it. Place your nose deep in the mouth of the glass and breathe in the aromas. 'Le Taster' will enhance the qualities of the wine you are tasting or else it will bring out the slightest flaw. This type of glass is the preferred style by sommeliers at wine tasting events. 

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