Buying Wine in Bond

In Bond prices exclude Irish Duty and VAT, which have not yet been paid. The wines with In Bond prices must be purchased in cases of 12 bottles (9 litres) of the same wine (one case minimum). All wines imported by Terroirs are stored with Devine Logistics, a Revenue-approved Tax Warehouse located in Ballycoolin, Co. Dublin. There is a very limited number of bonded warehouses in Ireland.

The wines purchased In Bond are only available for collection at Terroirs, OR delivery after:

  1. a seven days’ notice to retrieve the wines from Devine Logistics’ bonded warehouse
  2. payment of the Irish Duty and VAT (at prevailing rates)
  3. payment of the storage charge. Please contact [email protected] for prices.

Wine Duty costs:

  1. Still wine: €3.19 per 75cl bottle
  2. Sparkling wine and Champagne: €6.38 per 75cl bottle


23% Irish VAT applies on top of Wine Duty charges. The VAT is payable on the original sale price. Please note that while stored in Devine Logistics bonded warehouse, the wines must be insured by the owner against losses and breakages. No visits are allowed at Devine Logistics bonded warehouse, due to high security measures. For more information, please contact Terroirs at [email protected]

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