Seán and Françoise Gilley

Seán and Françoise have created Terroirs to offer a singular experience for wine lovers. With their consummate style and devotion, along with their personal and vivid aesthetic, they have never wavered in their ambition, desire, and excellence.

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Benoît and Sébastien Danjou

Brothers Benoît and Sébastien Danjou have firmly demonstrated that they are crafting distinctive and singular wines in the hidden treasure region of Côtes Catalanes. Elegance, sensuality, and strong personality are the hallmarks of their winemaking.

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From the very first day that they opened the doors of Terroirs, Seán and Françoise articulated not just a philosophy regarding the culture of the wines which they sourced for their shop, they also created a striking, and wholly individual and personal aesthetic about how one considered and sold wines. They have retained their exuberant love affair for the culture of wine, and their hard work has made us all richer.

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