Seán and Françoise Gilley

There was never any doubt in Seán and Françoise Gilley’s minds that they would make wine their career. It took them courage, determination and verve to open their independent wine shop in 1994. In those days in Ireland, such a shop with a personal, vivid aesthetic was rare. Essentially, Terroirs was a true maverick and it has become synonymous with fine wine.

From the initial sourcing of wines with a ‘voice and a soul’ produced by selected growers, to bringing these wines to your table, Seán and Françoise traverse the culture of wine. The duo has developed loyal bonds with many winegrowers who farm as responsibly as possible and they are devoted to championing their wines with integrity. In addition, they have strong relationships with Bordeaux négociants. Seán and Françoise complement each other’s skills seamlessly. Obsessed with quality, they distill their focus on every detail of their business, which they conduct with diligence, modesty and svelte assurance in order to meet their clients’ uncompromising standards.

‘Le rendez-vous’ in Dublin

Hailing from Saumur in the Loire Valley, Françoise came to Dublin in 1991 to do an internship with a wine importer. Seán embarked on his career in a Dublin off-licence, reflecting his pure fascination with wine. He launched a fine wine section in that shop, which enjoyed a great reputation at the time. Seán and Françoise first met over a glass of wine and the rest, as they say, is history. Françoise, however, was offered a two-year position at Clos du Val winery in Napa Valley. She left Ireland and went to work alongside Bernard Portet, the then winemaker and co-founder of Clos Du Val. Seán pursued his working wine life in Dublin and visited Napa Valley on numerous occasions.

From the very first day that they opened the doors of Terroirs, Seán and Françoise articulated not just a philosophy regarding the culture of the wines which they sourced for their shop, they also created a striking, and wholly individual and personal aesthetic about how one considered and sold wines. They have retained their exuberant love affair for the culture of wine, and their hard work has made us all richer.

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