Domaine des Enfants was founded in 2006 by Swiss-born Marcel Bühler. He studied finance and he was working in a Zurich bank when he decided that it didn’t suit him. He had always wanted to be a gardener.  He moved to the Roussillon, more precisely to the Côtes Catalanes, in the vicinity of the commune of Maury, a tough countryside, with wind swept vineyards on precarious slopes. Then in 2011, he met Carrie Sumner, a sommelier from Oregon, who was training on the adjacent farm. One thing led to another and the couple moved under the same roof.

Carrie and Marcel’s estate consists of 25 hectares, mainly old vineyards of Carignan, Grenache, Syrah, and Lladoner Pelut, on different soils (slate, granite, gneiss, and limestone) and varying heights. Their vines are as old as 100 years, and yields are often as low as 5hl/ha. 

Together, they have embraced a respectful organic viticulture, preserving the cultural landscape and the heritage of the region. They are often helped out by their horse Nina.

Their wines are the exact result of what the vineyards have to offer. The couple intervenes very little with the natural process, and they give their wines time to find harmony and balance. 

The hard-working couple describes their wines as ‘the fruit of their passion’.

For Carrie and Marcel, wine is their means to engage with other people, to spark a conversation, to share thoughts, and to awaken emotions.

Profile © Françoise and Seán Gilley

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