South West

At the end of the 90s, Catherine and Jean-Mary Le Bihan took the ambitious gamble of producing wine in the underrated Côtes de Duras region, sitting roughly 100 kms east of Bordeaux, in the heart of the Lot et Garonne region, where agriculture prevailed. The couple knew that they had a long road in front of them.

Without any particular technical background, they followed their conviction and purchased a few small plots of vineyards from retiring farmers. Little by little, with tenacity and patience, they have restored the vineyards as per their strong belief in protecting the environment and its biodiversity. That meant that from day one, no chemicals fertilisers, no weed killers nor pesticides were used in their patchwork of vineyards. Today the 22-hectare vineyard is tended according to biodynamic principles, with extraordinary attention to detail and zero compromise. This is where the couple concentrates all their efforts. They are convinced that the only way to craft good wine is to produce top quality grapes.

Although they use mostly Bordeaux grapes, the property’s wines are stylistically different from those of their neighbours. 

Catherine and Jean-Mary Le Bihan’s wines have always been good, but if anything, they now have even greater freshness and focus. Frequently among the best of the appellation, their wines buzz with life and are deliciously drinkable.

Simultaneously to their wine growers’ lives, the Le Bihan have been breeding Arab thoroughbreds for endurance racing. They are fed hay and cereals, which the family farms organically.

Profile © Françoise and Seán Gilley

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