One of the most emblematic winegrowers in the Languedoc, Christophe Peyrus created this domaine, in 2013. One of the greatest connoisseurs of the terroirs of Pic Saint-Loup, Peyrus is well known for his masterpieces at Clos Marie, located in the village of Lauret, where he is the co-owner, and where he has been shaping the wines with Françoise Julien since the early 1990s, and nowadays with their son Simon.

The new adventure started accompanied by three partners from very diverse backgrounds. In association with the trio, Christophe Peyrus acquired a little more than half a dozen hectares of vineyards located in the village of Cazevieille, on the southern slope of the Pic Saint Loup, at an altitude of 300 metres. Here, the preponderant terroir of limestone is superb, and the microclimate is also particularly unique in this otherwise dry region.

The vineyards are set in an idyllic and peaceful area in the wilderness of laurels, holm oaks, thyme, cistus, and rosemary, to name but a few, within an area where the eco-system is entirely preserved. The summers are typically dry and nights are cool, while the winters provide sufficient rainfall. The Tramontane (the dry and cold wind coming from the North) sweeps through the vineyards and acts as a disease-preventive.

Planted with Syrah, Grenache, Carignan blanc, Grenache blanc, Malvoisie, and Clairette, the vineyards are farmed organically with the utmost care. In the cellar, attention and patience lie at the heart of everything. Christophe aims at maintaining the balance and freshness of the grapes by maturing the wines in concrete vats, and he delivers pure-fruited wines with flesh and finesse, with an airy and fresh profile, while retaining superb concentration and depth.

Guided by the dexterity of some of the greatest Burgundian winemakers, this charming man with a distinctive musical accent, manages to craft phenomenal wines of magnificent finesse, and in addition, unparalleled precision of fruit.

When Christophe Peyrus arrived in the Pic Saint Loup in the early 1990s, never would he have thought that this area had the potential to produce wines that could ever reach such a high level of precision. 

A strong and resolute man, he has undeniably played a major part in bringing the appellation to new heights, and his wines are modern and elegant, exhibiting tremendous finesse and texture. They are simply unequalled.

Profile © Françoise and Seán Gilley

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