Loire Valley

In just two words, one can sum up the wines of Domaine Vincent Pinard: pure and complex.

The Pinard family has been making wine for many generations. The farm was planted with multiple crops, including a couple of hectares of vineyards. The Pinards also raised goats, producing their own Crottin de Chavignol.  

In 1945, after World War II it was an extremely difficult time for Charles Pinard but, due to the increasing demand for wine in Paris, he started to deliver his wine in barrels to the capital. Vincent Pinard naturally joined his father in the 70s. He increased the size of the vineyards, started bottling his own wine and became recognised for his production of excellent Sancerre. Vincent and his wife Cosette were extremely hard workers: no holidays, no travel and they worked practically seven days a week. The tasting room was almost always open in those days and they loved welcoming their clients.

In recent years, Vincent and Cosette have passed the reins on to their sons Florent and Clément. The family spirit prevails, and the cohabitation is harmonious. However, the brothers continue to listen to their father’s wise words, a shrewd man with a great deal of wit.

Florent and Clément grew up on the vineyard in Bué, 3 km from Sancerre. From a young age they were involved in the farming of the vineyards and in the winemaking. It is no surprise that both of them studied viticulture and winemaking.

Since their complete and dedicated involvement in the family estate, the quality of the wines has made most impressive progress. The family’s work philosophy takes a natural, organic approach and respects the terroirs and consequently the environment. Most of the work in the vineyard is done by hand (including harvest).

Constantly searching to express the best from their various terroirs scattered over their 17 hectares, Florent and Clément continue experimenting, adjusting and, above all, doing all they can to remind everyone what the great wines of Sancerre are capable of.

While they are ‘bon vivants vignerons’ and greatly skilled, Clément and Florent Pinard are amongst Sancerre’s most outstanding winegrowers of the present day. They produce stylish, exquisitely elegant, precise, complex and near-to-celestial wines. They are often referred to as being at the top of the white wine hierarchy. After all, their wines are sought-after, and so, too, are the two Pinard brothers. Currently, no one comes close to copying their distinct style.

Profile © Françoise and Seán Gilley

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